Anxiety, anxBI(sexuality) and bread.

Hello hello heeeeeellloooo beautiful people. My name is Chloe, I’m 23 years old and like many other people in this big ol’ world, I suffer with Anxiety and depression disorders. This blog is not only therapeutic for me, to be able to verbalise much of my day to day thinking but I’d love to try to give a little insight into what life is like for someone with anxiety (big styley). If it helps anybody else suffering with anxiety disorders or helps non-sufferers to understand anxiety a little more, that is of course a wonderful thing. Sometimes the stuff I write might be sad, comical to some people (my irrationality can have this effect) and at times, optimistic. I can’t tell you with complete certainly what my writing will entail, because I feel very differently nearly every day. But I can guarantee my writing will be brutally honest and truthful. Its not all going to be about anxiety – expect feminism, LGBTQ+ issues and lots of talk about bread.

Thanks for dropping by and HMU if you have any questions/comments,

Chlo x